Amaircare Model 2500, Portable HEPA Filtration System # 2500101, 2501101

Amaircare Model 2500, Portable HEPA Filtration System 


Three-Stage Filtration: 

Stage 1: Pre filter
Removes dust and odor

Stage 2: HEPA filter
99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. Removes dust, pollen, bacteria, dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke, radon daughters and more.

Stage 3: V.O.C filter
Removes Hazardous V.O.C s that may off-gas from things made with chemicals such as cleaners, paints, carpets, and furniture.




Delivered Airflow: 175 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) 
Dimensions: 16"W hex, 13.5" high
Control: variable speed

Power Consumption: 84 Watts
Outflow: Vents on 4 (of 6) sides, vented downwards


Filter Life:

- Pre-Filter: 3-6 months
- HEPA Filter: 2-5 years
- Carbon Filter: 6 months
- Optional V.O.C. Canister: 12 months


Air Changes per Hour (ACH)
(How many times can all the air in an area/room(s) be cleaned through the filter each hour?)

100 sqft
250 sqft
500 sqft
750 sqft
1000 sqft
1250 sqft
1500 sqft
1750 sqft
2000 sqft
Based on 8' ceilings
Generally speaking, the more air changes per hour (ACH) you can provide, the more effective a HEPA filter can be.
1 ACH provides excellent air cleaning results (higher is recommended for people with sensitivities).
Remember: More HEPA is better than less, but some HEPA is better than nothing at all.


Model 2500 Part Numbers:

U.S.: 2501101



Download 2500 Specification Sheet. pdf file