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Diversitech Electrostatic Washable Permanent Furnace Air Cleaner

Diversitech Electrostatic Washable Furnace Air Cleaner


 Cleaner indoor air, as tested by ASHRAE standards:

  • All-white filter design for "clean you can see"
  • Low air resistance to keep your unit safe
  • Aluminized frame not flammable like plastic frames, will not rust
  • No replacements needed—Lifetime Warranty
  • Foamless, "fluffyless" polypropylene construction
  • Anti-microbial added to inhibit contamination of fabric surface
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly—one replaces hundreds of disposables


Install the DiversiTech permanent air filter with the Air Flow arrow on the filter label facing in the direction of the air flow (toward the fan blower). To clean, remove the filter and hose it off in the direction opposite the Air Flow arrow. Allow to dry before re-installing  Like all filters, if not cleaned for an extended period of time, DiversiTech permanent air filter may begin to resist air flow and cause system malfunction. Although the filter can go 3-4 months without being washed, clean monthly to ensure optimum performance of your air conditioning unit. A refrigerator magnet is included to remind you to clean monthly.

Always have your unit checked regularly by a trained service contractor. Ask for your contractor to add monthly cleanings to your service contract.




  • Electrostatic
  • Red Label Filter*
  • 0.08 Initial Resistance 
  • Reduce  up to 73% of airbourne
  • 67% Average Dust Arrestance
  • 99 gm. Dust Holding Capacity 
  • Made in the USA

Download the Diversitech Brochure...PDF file