Francis Fuels Ltd

Ultra Dust Eater Electrostatic Air Cleaner 20x25x1

Dust Eater Washable Electrostatic Air Filter 20x25x1

 The DustEater Electrostatic Air Cleaner harnesses nature's own static electricity to effectively clean the air in your entire home. A unique design of differing static prone polymer materials form a very effective six stage air cleaning process.


  • Special Pleated Chamber Design
  • Tubular Collection Chambers
  • Co-Polymer Ionization Rods (+ charge )
  • Pleated Electrostatic Media ( - charge )
  • Woven Electrostatic Media (- charge )
  • Reticulated Impingement Media ( + charge )
  • Easy Pull Handle
  • Sturdy Extruded Aluminum Frame



  • Electrostatic
  • 20x25x1 Frame size, (HxLxThickness)
  • Washable