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White Rodgers Washable Electrostatic Air Cleaner A+2010

 A+2010 Gold Frame Electrostatic Air Filter 

The A+2010 is truly a quality product, built to last a lifetime. Unlike some permanent air filters, the A+2010 uses NO FOAM that may clog, degrade and restrict airflow, so it can provide a lifetime of dependable service. A+2010 Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters are designed to provide a balance between adequate airflow and filtration. According to NAFA, resistance to airflow, called pressure drop, causes your unit to work harder, resulting in greater energy consumption and possible damage to your unit. In selecting an air filter, the most important consideration is the ability to remove from an air stream the greatest number of dust particles whose size is of most concern. How slow or fast an air filter reaches its capacity greatly affects resistance because a filter’s resistance will increase as it captures particles. That’s why it’s important to have a filter with a good balance of resistance to airflow and adequate filtering ability. The secret behind the A+2010’s performance is its patented stage loading/peak and valley design. Instead of face loading (particles captured on the outer surface of the filter), the A+2010 uses stage loading, with each stage capturing progressively smaller particles inside the filter. This design enables the A+2010 to maintain its performance over the years.


Protect Your Unit Against the Foam Fight

True, there are many other air filters on the market. But a close inspection of other filters will reveal that some of these air filters rely on some type of foam or porous pad as their primary filtering media. Even though they may show specifications that seem impressive, foams may become infused or impregnated with particles and become hard to clean, as well as deteriorate over the years. This could lead to restricted airflow and potentially harmful additional stress on your unit. But the A+2010 is made of space-age synthetic materials and no foam, allowing it to be effectively cleaned and reused indefinitely. Its stage loading configuration allows it to be easily cleaned with simple backwashing (reverse direction of airflow) with cold water. Because it can be
cleaned effectively and will not corrode, degrade or deteriorate, it is truly your Filter for Life!

 Why an Air Filter?

The air filter you use for your heating and air-conditioning system has two important functions, according to the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA). In a normal comfort air-conditioning system, the filter helps to:

(1) protect the mechanical equipment
(2) provide the degree of cleanliness required for normal occupancy and space usage.

Some of the airborne particulate contaminants which may be present indoors include dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and residue from building materials and household products.


The A+2010 Filter Up Close

Five Layers-

  • Layer A (front)
    Polyethylene webbing is designed to hold fabrics in framing under high velocities of airflow.
  • Layer B
    This patented first layer has a proprietary peak and valley design with large openings to allow maximum airflow with filtering capabilities to capture larger particles. Made of high-density polypropylene, this layer starts the electrostatic reaction that holds particles to the fabric.
  • Layer C
    Eggcrate design made of polystyrene material. The physical properties of this glass-like material are its strength, stability, and electrostatic holding capabilities.
  • Layer D
    Medium mesh peak and valley design containing material made of high-density polypropylene. This is the third layer of filtration material designed
    to hold particles in valleys allowing airflow through peak areas.
  • Layer E (Back)
    Fine material, tightly woven and made of high-density polypropylene. This final layer provides more stage loading to help the filter capture some particles as small as .5 to .6 microns.



  • Initial Resistance:  .13” water gauge (w.g.) at 1200 CFM,
  • Average Synthetic Dust Weight Arrestance:83% Average, 85% Peak
  • Dust Holding Capacity:  105 grams at .5” w.g. ,  150 grams at 1” w.g.



  • Gold Colour Metal Frame
  • Electrostatic
  • Never have to hassle with disposable filters that will end up in a landfill
  • Easy to install - installs like any disposable filter
  • Easy to maintain - no need to buy oil sprays or adhesives to enhance filter effectiveness
  • Easy to clean - simply backwash every month with cold expensive air filter cleaners needed
  • Available in different sizes
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Part # A0406-(## x ##)
  • Approximate Size: ( measurement is 1/8" smaller than stated size)
  • 16 x 25 x 1 is 15 7/8 x 24 7/8 x 5/8 inches
    20 x 20 x 1 is 19 7/8 x 19 7/8 x 5/8 inches
    20 x 25 x 1 is 19 7/8 x 24 7/8 x 5/8 inches
    *** This item is a custom-made item, lead time is usually 10 - 15 days, and refunds are not available due to it being a custom order. ***