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4839 Aprilaire / Carrier Evaporative Humidifier Maintenance Pad Frame Kit 4330 & 4331


The Scale Control Insert 4330 is the u-shaped component that encases the Water Panel Evaporator. Used with water panel number 35 and the water distribution tray number 4331. Referred as part number 4839 maintenance kit. 

The Aprilaire 4331 Water Distribution Tray distributes water evenly to all portions of the water panel. It attaches to the u-shaped scale control insert, part number 4330 for the model 600, 600A, and 600M, Used with water panel number 35 for the 600 series.


Dimensions:  11.25 x 15.75  inches  (W x H)

 For Aprilaire Models 600, 600A and 600M.



Also see the part number 4792 maintenance kit for the 500 series, the u-shaped scale control insert part # 4640 for the model 500, 500A, and 500M. Used with water panel number 10 for the 500 series