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0730A Keeprite Air Conditioner Cover


This Air Conditioner Condenser cover has a glove-like fit. It is made of heavy-duty vinyl with a durable cloth backing that resists ripping and tearing. This cover is are available in a neutral gray or beige colour and the fabric is also specially treated to be mould, mildew, and UV resistant. Our covers are secured with a convenient hook-and-loop strap sewn around a precision cutout for the unit's electrical and refrigeration lines.


  • Keeps out dirt and debris during the off-season. Reduces maintenance costs and improves efficiency. 
  • Prolongs the life of condensing unit and reduces cabinet fading.
  • Premium 24 oz. industrial vinyl fabric with a reinforced cloth backing. Gray or beige colour to match the cabinet.
  • Tailored to fit the exact shape of the cabinet
  • Precision opening to fit electrical and refrigeration lines with convenient hook-and-loop closure.
  • Material is specially treated against mould, mildew, fungus, UV, and sub-zero temperatures.
  • Bottom vented covers are½" to 2 inches short to provide airflow at the bottom of the unit where the cold damp air accumulates. 


 Part #: 0730A

Size (inches) :

Cover: 24  x 24 x 19 3/4 ( L x W x H )

Cabinet: 23 1/2  x 23 1/2 x 25 3/16( L x W x H )

 Fits Keeprite, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, and Tempstar Models:

     C2A318KD, C4A318KD,C4A318KF, C4A318KN,

    C4A324GKD, C4A324KN,

    H4A318KD, H4A318KF, H4A318KN,
    H4A324KD, H4A324KN,

    N4A318KB, N4A318KC, N4A318KF, N4A318KN,
    N4A324KB, N4A324KC, N4A324KG, N4A324KN,

    R2A318KC, R2A318KN, R2A318KR,
    R4A318KA, R4A318KC, R4A318KF, R4A318KN,
    R4A324KA, R4A324KC, R4A324KG, R4A324KN,


    T4A318KD, T4A318KF, T4A318KN,
    T4A324KD, T4A324KN,