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1156-3 Electroair Carbon Prefilter For Electronic Air Cleaner, SAS10, SAS11

Carbon Prefilter, Set of 3

Replacement active carbon prefilter for electronic air cleaner, to remove unpleasant odors.
Carbon filters help remove odors from the air.
If the Air Cleaner has been equipped with carbon filters, they should be replaced every 3 - 6 months

Approximate Dimensions: 15 1/8 x 5 x 3/8
Filters are NOT washable.

Fits Electronic  & Media Retrofit Air Cleaners 16x20  & 16x25
Your model may take more than one, per change


Carrier- SAS10ASC & SASASC11 Electronic Air Cleaners, CMF1625, CSASD-11ASD
Electroaire- GSASD-10, GSASD-11
Goodman- GSAS-10, GSAS-11 / GMU 1620 & GMU 1625 Air Cleaner
Amana A-SAS-10, A-SAS-11, ASAS-10, ASAS-11, AMU1620, AMU1625
Evcon, SCC-10, SCC-11
Fast Parts- FPEAC1620, FPEAC1625
Coleman / Evcon-
SCC-10, SCC-11, CC-10, CC-11
Maytag / Frigidaire / Gibson / Intertherm / Philco / Tappan / Westinghouse- EAC1620, EAC1625
Miller EAC1620, EAC1625
Intertherm, EAC1620, EAC1625
Electro-Air / Five Seasons / Everest / Enerplus / Union SAS-10, SAS-11, SS-10
Kenmore- 32970
Kelvinator EAC1620, EAC1625
Totaline P102-12, P102-14A (Totaline Part # P102-1156)
York EF1200-2AS, EF14OOB-2AS