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Filtration Labs 1" Replacement Pleated Furnace Air Filter , Box of 12

1" Replacement Pleated Furnace Air Filter,  Box of 12
Throwaway Filters are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes in 1” and 2” thicknesses. if you do not see your filter size, please contact us for an estimate.

  • The filtering media is supported by an expanded metal grid, allowing for a 95% open filtering surface area. Precise pleating methods allow for an aerodynamic design. 
  • The filtering media is a hydrophobic, 100% synthetic material whose performance will not be adversely affected by humid conditions.
  • The Maxi Pleat Merv 8 uses a 100% recycled filtering membrane and 100% mechanical filtration.
  • Rigorously controlled pleat alignment and spacing assure uniform air travel across the entire surface of the filter.
  • The pleat configuration allows for good dust holding capacity. 
  • Larger dust particulate tends to be captured in the top and bottom of pleats the whereas smaller particulate will be captured in the sides of the pleat surface. 
  • The Maxi Pleat Merv 8 filter is constructed from a rigid fire retardant beverage board, to give it outstanding strength and resistance in tough operating conditions.
  • The filtering media is glued to the frame sides thus eliminating any possibility of air by-passing the filter
  • Each pleat point is glued to the frame die-cut so that the pleats will not deform over the entire life of the filter.
  • Made in Canada