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CS6Box CALEFACTO CondenSAFE condensate neutralizer box

Condensate is an outstanding innovation in the condensate neutralizer domain.

The unit is divided into three sections and the media is contained in bags that you can replace easily when needed. These media bags are the only ones in the industry to have date labels so the user knows exactly when it’s time to replace them. Use only the sections you need! As the unit is divided into three sections, you can place one, two, or three bags in the unit, depending on the volume of condensate that needs to be treated.


•  No by-pass necessary

•  No messy media replacement ( Media Replacement # CSM2)

       –  Efficient Calefactio engineered media in a bag

       –  No disconnection needed to replace media

•  The only condensate neutralizer that can be hard piped

•  Prevents corrosion by neutralizing condensate

•  Economical

•  Environment safe

•  Dated engineered media

•  Use only the sections you need 


* Verify condensate flow rate on your appliance. In general, 500,000 BTU/hr at 92% efficiency should generate around 1.6 Gal/hr.