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DM900-0450 Cinquartz Air Replacement PCO Filter Photo Catalytic Oxydation

Replacement PCO Filter-  Photo Catalytic Oxydation #DM900-0450
Unique CinQuartz® Photo Catalytic Oxidation Filter (PCO) has a very high surface exchange capability and allows UV light into the mass of the material — which means there is absorption throughout the whole CinQuartz filter instead of just on the surface. The combination of the UVC light and the CinQuartz® decomposes organic materials into basic molecules such as H2O and CO2.  
Cinquartz/ Electroair  Model EADM900UV-VO-A,  EADM900UV-VO-VS
Direct Air Model 900, DA-DM900UV-VO-VS
Goodman DMH900
Amana DMH900
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