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DM900-1003, Electroair / Cinquartz Complete 2-3 Year Maintenance Kit:

Complete 2-3 Year Maintenance Kit: DM900-1003
1  DMH4-0400 HEPA Filter
4  DM900-0855 Carbon Prefilters
2  DM900-0191 UVC Lamps,
1  DM900-0450 Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Filter,
2 DM900-0810 Carbon/ Potassium Permanganate Final Filters,
1 pair of gloves
Cinquartz / Electroair EADM900UV-VO-A, EADM900UV-VO-VS
Five Seasons: FSDM900UV-VO-A, FSDM900UV-VO-VS
Related Replacement Filters and Lamps:
DMH4-0400 HEPA Media Filter 2-4 years
DM900-0855 Prefilter, Carbon 3-6 months
DM900-0191 UVC Lamp 2-3 years
DM900-0450 Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Filter 2-3 years
DM900-0810 Final Filter, Carbon/ Potassium Permanganate
 Please follow all safety protocols and review Manufacturers Safety and Caution notes in the manual before replacing filters and UVC Lamps. 
Warning: Dangerous UltraViolet Radiation!
Radiation of this lamp is harmful to the eyes and skin. Installations with these lamps are to be screened off completely