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General Aire Water Savor Controller

Save water and save on your water bills. If you have a humidifier installed at your house currently or you are thinking of installing one at your house look no further, install one today.

This unit stops the constant flow of water from going down your drain by turning the flow of water off and on based on tested times by the manufacture to allow the pad to be saturated with the correct amount of water with minimal water loss to the drain.

When installed with your bypass, flow-through humidifier, the WaterSavor™ may save you up to 96% of water draining from your humidifier (with customized settings).


  • Easy to install with current or new humidifier installations.
  • Fits any bypass, flow-through model.
  • 6 Settings allow maximum water savings without reducing humidifier output (see instructions).
  • Save a minimum of 50% of water draining from your humidifier!
  • Install with any model/brand bypass, flow-through humidifier.

**Results are based on 20 minutes per hour, during a 5-month heating season. Savings may vary greatly based on humidifier model, settings, humidifier season duration and more.


  • Length 4 Inches (In)
  • Width 4 Inches (In)
  • Height 2 Inches (In)
  • Weight 0.25 Pounds (lbs)


  • Brand: GeneralAire®
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • For Use With: Any model bypass flow-through humidifier
  • UPC Barcode 683786070810