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Generalaire # GA10 Humidifier Evaporator Pad

GeneralAire Humidifier Filter GA10 # 7900
Also referred to as a Humidifier Pad, Water Panel, Media Filter or Evaporator Pad
Water Panel Evaporators are the heart of your humidifier and the component which generates the important humidity to keep you comfortable during the heating season
 The GA-10  Evaporator pads for General Airpower humidifiers models; 570 is:
  • Designed to maximize evaporative output
  • Unitized frame maximizes pad life and humidifier reliability
  • Coated with a superior wetting agent to increase humidifier efficiency
  • UL classified
  • Use with 570, 570A, 570M, 570X & 570XM Humidifiers
GeneralAire Humidifier Filter # GA10

This component is also known as part number: 7900

Installation instructions located on the package