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Lennox 8" Replacement Carbon VOC Canister, # 94X98

Lennox 8" Replacement Carbon VOC Canister, # 94X98

 Carbon media is used to capture chemicals and odors, also referred to as V.O.C.’s. Chemicals and odors cannot be captured with media type filters. Activated carbon attracts chemicals and odors and holds them. If air passes through the carbon filter before particulates are removed, the surface of the carbon quickly gets covered with particulates, rendering it ineffective at capturing chemicals and odors. If particulates are removed from the air with a HEPA filter, virtually the entire surface area of the carbon can be used to capture chemicals and odors. This increases the efficiency and filter life of the inner charcoal filter.  


The HEPA System’s 3 Stage Filtration Process

The 3 stage filtration process is used to create a very effective filtration system. Each filter is independent and can be changed individually.

• Stage 1: Carbon pre-filter - The inexpensive carbon pre-filter removes larger particulates from the air, thus prolonging the life of the HEPA filter.

• Stage 2: HEPA - The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particulates 0.3 micron and larger. The cleaned air then passes through the third stage filter.

• Stage 3: Inner Charcoal Filter - The inner charcoal filter is 1/2 an inch thick to give it plenty of surface area for removing chemicals and odors from the air.




Lennox HEPA-20

AMAIRCARE Part # 95017-5