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Lennox Healthy Climate X0444 Replacement Expandable Filter MERV 10, PMAC-12C

Healthy Climate X0444 Replacement Expandable Filter MERV 10,  PMAC-12C
The Lennox  X0444  MERV 10 filter is designed to work with your heating and air conditioning unit removing paticulates from the air stream, protecting your equipment and your health.  Draws particles as small as 1 microns deep inside the filter, allowing maximum airflow and filtration efficiency.
  • Enhanced UV Light Resistance
  • Up to 80% efficient in removing circulating dust and other particles, and bioaerosols as small as 1 micron
  • Expand the filter media, insert it into the plastic frame and secure it with existing pleat spacers
  • Replace every 6 to 12 months under normal use, please inspect filter monthly.
The Lennox X0444 MERV 10 filter is designed to fit the following air cleaner models:


Lennox Healthy Climate PMAC-12C
Replaces Aprilaire 2400 and # 401