Francis Fuels Ltd

NC-1W AXIOM Wall Hung Condensate Neutralizer Unit

This condensate neutralizer offers a compact solution for those tight areas where neutralization is needed. It's equipped with a red indicator that pops up to warn both the homeowner and the service tech the unit needs to be serviced. We recommend you replace the media yearly from homeowners and two times a year for commercial applications. 

 Replacement media model number: NM-1 – "Replacement LipHter+ neutralization media"

Features and Benefit

  • 1.6 Gal/hr (6.05l/hr)
  • NeutraPal prevents acidic condensate from corroding drains and sewer systems
  • Provisionally patented manual reset float system indicates if the unit has become restricted
  • Integral bypass feature prevents condensate backflow into the appliance
  • Neutralized condensate is more environmentally friendly
  • Reversible for fast and easy installation
  • Helps maintain a neutral environment for bacteria in septic systems
  • All corrosion-resistant materials
  • Suitable for use on all types of Natural Gas and Propane appliances
  • Includes an initial charge of LipHter+ neutralizing agent

* Check with the appliance manufacturer for condensate flowrate. As a guideline 400,000 BTU/hr at 93% efficiency will produce approximately 1.6 Gal/hr.