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Replacement HEPA 6" Filter # W5-0860

Replacement HEPA 6" Filter # W5-0860-3
Usually replaced every 3-5 years. The life of this filter depends on the amount of contaminants in the air and the frequency in which the prefilter has been changed. Renovations in the home that create wood or drywall dust or similar contaminants will shorten the life expectancy of the HEPA filter. To improve airflow, the HEPA filter can be vacuumed between changes, preferably outdoors. Use a soft brush attachment for vacuuming this filter.
Note: Handle the HEPA filter by the frame only. The paper is fragile and a puncture or tear will reduce efficiency.
Caution:  The new HEPA filter may be tight to install the first time. Do not push from the center of filter. Apply even pressure at both corners.
When inserting filter, hold at the back and front of filter and place to the back of unit.
When removing filter, lift the front of the filter to break the seal, then lift out while holding the back and front of the filter
Actual Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 6 in
HEPA Collecting Surface Area: 188 ft²

Amana # AHEPA550
Carrier # CHEPA550
ElectroAir # EAHEPA550
Five Seasons # FSHEPA550
Goodman # GHEPA550
(New style units built after Dec 2003+)
Part #: W5-0860-3, AMP-W5-0860-3, P102-1919-6A, 918407