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Filtration Lab ES Electrostatic Washable Air Filter

The electrostatic filter uses static electricity to create a passive (non-electric) air cleaner. Two layers of polypropylene grids create a harmless static charge that attracts and hold airborne allergenic resistance and removes laboratory test dust up to 94% assistance.

House dust is composed of a mixture of fibers from different types of fabrics, feathers, and other upholstery materials. It also contains bacteria, mold, and fungus spores pollen, food particles, human and pet dander, bits of plants and insects, hair, and those dreadful dust mites.

Electrostatic filters use a technology that acts only on direct physical contact to control microbial growth, as opposed to competitive systems that rely on slow leaching of their active ingredients so they can be absorbed by micro-organisms.

The electrostatic filter inhibits the growth of micro-organisms inside and out. It also zaps organisms filtered from the air stream. It is a powerful tool to eliminate germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus and thus improves indoor air quality.

The electrostatic filter is backed by the manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty. Besides, it requires no costly installation to the HVAC system. It is designed to last the lifetime of the system in which it is installed.

To maintain its efficiency, the electrostatic filter must be cleaned every 30 to 60 days. To clean, flush in the opposite direction of the airflow arrow, dry, and re-install.


  • 24 gauge galvanized steel frame with upstream and downstream grill
  • Polyurethane foam media interlocked between 2 layers of polypropylene media
  • The polypropylene media gives dust an electrostatic charge.  
  •  Available in standard and custom size in 1" depth       
    • Residential application       
    • Washable medium efficiency filters
  • Made in CANADA, By Filtration Lab
  • backed by the manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty