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M1-1056 ElectroAir Replacement Air Filter Media ,

ElectroAir Replacement Filter Media M1-1056


The filter is constructed of polyolefin fibres that will not shred or absorb moisture. The unique design of the filter includes a structured density gradient with a polarized charge for higher initial and sustained efficiency. The filter media is supported by an open steel mesh and enclosed by a high-strength, beverage board.

  • MERV 11
  • Pleated Media (Yellow)
  • Max 1400 CFM
  • Approx. Size: 16 x 25 x5
  • Actual Size: 15-3/8" X 25-1/2" X 5-1/4".
  • Underwriters’ Laboratories Class 2 rating.
  • Made in Canada, from raw materials manufactured in the USA

The air filter media can last up to 6 months. It may be necessary to change the media more frequently, in the presence of a high concentration of dust and/or particulates, or if the furnace fan is running continuously. In any application, the life of the media is dependant upon the total volume of air being moved through it as well as the amount of particulate it is filtering.

Inspect your air filter monthly for cleanliness.

Compatible with:

CMF1625, CNC1625, P102-1625, M1-1056, MU1625, MU1625A, BB1625, NC1625

Also Fits: 

  • Carrier M1-1056 P102-1625
  • Electro-Air EAMU1625, EANC1625-A
  • Five Seasons FSMU1625, FSFHG1425-7M1*, FSFHG1625-7M1
  • Direct Air  DA-NC1625-A
  • Amana AMU1625
  • Daikin  Clean Comfort  AMP-M1-1056
  • Coleman CEMU1625
  • Goodman GMU1625
  • Totaline P102-MF14A
  • York YMU1625
  • Reliance M1-1056
  • 918395
  • Clean Comfort - AM11-1625-5
What sets ElectroAir / Five Seasons Media Air Cleaners above all the other disposable media filters on the market?

  •  MERV ratings are based on 492 feet/minute, unlike most competitor products which show high MERV ratings, but their tests are done at 300 feet/minute, which is not representative of the airflow of a residential HVAC system.
  • The filters contain more media material than other filters on the market. More surface area means more collection area, longer filter life and lower static pressure. Our typical filter life is one year. (Big Box Store filters must be replaced 2-3 times per year. Read the fine print on the filter.) Our competitors also achieve high MERV ratings by using fewer pleats, which means higher static pressure and shorter filter life. Also, the deeper the pleat, the lower the static pressure. This is why we have an odd size of 5¼ inches wide.
  • The filters have an exact fit with the cabinet. They do not contain foam, sponge or fibreglass filler. This means all the air is forced through the filter and not through the filler material. Remember, air always takes the path of least resistance.
  • Five Seasons filters do not contain any cellulose. This is very important because cellulose sustains mould growth. Cellulose fibres are held together by glue. People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) - about 8% of the population - can detect glue vapours, which can make them very sick. People with MCS have no problem with our filters.
  • Five Seasons filters do not need anti-bacterial spray on them because they do not allow bacteria to breed due to the content of the fibres. Anti-bacterial and Microban filters should never be used in a home with small children -- it's like spraying insecticide in your ductwork.
  • Five Seasons filter material is constructed of continuous hydrophobic polyolefin fibres that will not shred or absorb moisture. The media's unique design features a structured density gradient with an electret charge for higher initial and sustained efficiency. The media is supported by an open steel mesh and enclosed by a high wet-strength beverage board
  • Made in Canada, from raw materials manufactured in the USA