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1F95EZ-0671 White Rogers Programmable, 2H/2C, EASY READER Blue Digital 6" Thermostat

 White-Rodgers 6" Easy Reader Blue Digital Thermostat 1F95EZ-0671

The Emerson BLUE Easy Reader Thermostat, 1F95EZ-0671, is designed to be operated quickly at a glance. The large characters and one-button, one-function operation make it simple to set or adjust. And the lighted display makes it even easier to view in low-light areas.

You can also take advantage of the energy-saving selectable 7-day programmable feature to automatically adjust the temperature to different times of the day.

Easy to read without glasses

It is the only thermostat with display numbers and letters twice as large as other thermostats and has homeowner-friendly language, which makes the Easy Reader a snap to operate.

More and more homeowners in the 50+ age group are requesting thermostats with larger, easier-to-read displays and overall simple operation. And they are asking for simplicity. Consumers want the one-button operation. One button to select heat or cooling. One button to set the temperature.


    • 2 Heat / 2 Cool

    • Large, 6-square-inch display, Easy-to-Use, and Easy-to-Read,  Super-Large Numbers and Letters, Easy to view without glasses

    • Simple One-Button, One-Function Operation

    • Ships in Non-Programmable Mode, 7-Day Programming mode available

    • Choice of battery-powered with optional power stealing assist or hardwired with battery backup

    • Permanent program retention during power loss