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1F95-1291 White Rogers Programmable, 4H/2C, Blue 12" Touch Screen Thermostat with humidity

 White-Rodgers 12" Touch Screen Blue Digital Thermostat with Humidity 1F95-1291
 The Big Blue touchscreen thermostats include a programmable fan and remote sensing, Humidity Control, as well as the exclusive Cool Savings feature and heat pump dual fuel control, providing the ultimate comfort control. The thermostat's +/- 1° temperature accuracy will keep you comfortable and protect your HVAC systems. 

  • 12-Square Inch Blue Touchscreen Display
  • Blue, lighted display for easier low-light viewing
  • 7-Day or 5+1+1 Day Programmable or Non-Programmable
  • Programmable Fan and Remote Sense Capable
  • Patented pre-programmed schedule simplifies time and temperature programming
  • Selectable Energy Management Recovery
  • Permanent program retention during power loss                    
  • For 24 VAC or Millivolt Systems
  • 3-Wire Zone Valve
  • Dual Powered - Hardwired or Battery Powered